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Friday, May 6, 2011

Bin Laden Planned Attacks On US Trains

Al Qaeda was planning an attack on the US rail network to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, US officials say.

Osama bin Laden video statement December 2001
The plot was apparently uncovered as US agencies went through information seized from Osama bin Laden's compound after the terrorist leader was killed in a raid by Navy Seals.
"We have no information of any imminent terrorist threat to the US rail sector, but wanted to make our partners aware of the alleged plotting," Department of Homeland Security spokesman Matthew Chandler said of an intelligence message sent on Thursday.
The idea - outlined in handwritten notes from the compound - was to tamper with a the track so that a train would fall into a valley or from a bridge, according to a joint FBI and Homeland Security bulletin.
However, there was no indication from the intelligence whether further plans were drawn up for the scheme or if steps were taken to carry it out.
Fox News cited a source as saying the plan was more aspirational than concrete and mentioned services in New York, Washington DC and Chicago.
The source said the evidence taken during the raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan on Monday considered the possibility of targeting a train travelling at 500mph, a speed that no locomotive in the US is capable of reaching.
Details of the alleged plot emrged as US President Barack Obama visited Ground Zero in New York to honour those killed in the September 11 attacks on the Twin Towers.
On Friday, President Obama will meet members of the Navy Seal team that killed bin Laden.
US TV newtwork NBC reported that much of the 40-minute operation was taken up retrieving computers, hard drives, mobile phones and other items that could offer valuable intelligence on al Qaeda and potential operations worldwide.
The material from bin Laden's hard drive was apparently transferred to CIA headquarters directly from the compound.
Since the raid, the Department of Homeland Security has reviewed security measures at potential terrorist targets, including transportation systems, adding more officers at airports and borders.
"We remain at a heightened state of vigilance," Mr Chandler said.
A resident walks past the compound where U.S. Navy SEAL commandos reportedly killed Osama in Abbottabad
Officials have previously been concerned that al Qaeda or other groups might target the country's transport systems.
In 2008, US authorities warned of a possible al Qaeda threat to transit systems in and around New York City over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Last year, an Afghan immigrant pleaded guilty in New York to plotting a suicide bombing campaign on Manhattan's subway system in what US authorities described as one of the most serious threats since the September 11 attacks.


  1. Stuff is getting more and more exciting and worrying all at the same time. Lock your doors and use private transports!

  2. thats scary. good thing they caught him in time.

  3. These are dangerous times, there are going to be lots of terrorism actions as counter for Bin Laden's death :|

  4. I've no doubt they were always plotting away. Wonder would they have put it into action though.

  5. Well luckily he has been dealt with.

  6. I really wonder if there was any plot at all.

  7. it's probably propaganda. Or not. We'll never know!

  8. They must be getting desperate to go after trains. It's amazing we haven't been really attacked since. Our department of defense is doing a good job in all honest... if only it didn't cost so much damn money.

  9. I can't even believe that he is dead...

  10. I don't think he is actually dead

  11. Lets hope that with this information they can prepare adaquate security

  12. I think killing Osama and plastering it all over the news may have only made things worse

  13. Crazy... I live in NY and take the train all the time. Thank God this was discovered.


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