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Monday, May 9, 2011

Syria: Hundreds Detained In House Raids

Syrian security forces have detained hundreds of people in door-to-door raids as part of a widening crackdown on anti-government protests across the country.

Rights activist Rami Abdul-Rahman said the forces are zeroing in on the demonstrations' organisers and participants.
The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the raids were focused in the central city of Homs, the coastal city of Banias, some suburbs of the capital Damascus and villages around the southern flashpoint city of Deraa.
The sweeping arrests come as President Bashar al-Assadsends tanks into the city of Homs to crush gathered protesters.
The crackdown suggests that the president's regime is determined to crush the seven-week-old uprising by force and intimidation.
Tanks roll out of the protest hub city of Deraa
A line of tanks driven by Syrian forces leave Deraa
It follows reports security forces had opened fire on a demonstration in the eastern city of Deir al-Zor, killing at least two protesters, on Friday.
Troops in tanks have also reportedly rolled into the coastal city of Banias, another protest stronghold, and cut off water, electricity and nearly all forms of communication.
Around six people have been killed in two days and security forces reportedly arrested more than 200 people, including a 10-year-old boy, as part of the offensive.
Human rights campaigners have said more than 800 people have been killed in the uprising.


  1. opening fire on protesters ???

  2. I hope things get better down there.

  3. Damn that's an ugly situation. There's a lot of terrible business going on right now.

  4. Yikes, it's real rough over there.


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