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Friday, May 20, 2011

Israeli PM Rejects Obama '1967 Borders' Speech

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected calls from the US president for a Palestinian state based on the borders of 1967 - ahead of a highly anticipated meeting between the two leaders.

Mr Obama said in a major speech on Thursday that he supported the Palestinians' demand that their eventual state be based on borders that existed before the Six Day War, when Israeli forces occupied east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.
It is the first time he has publicly endorsed such a policy.
But Mr Netanyahu criticised the comments ahead of his trip to Washington, saying it would leave Israel "indefensible".
He said he appreciated Mr Obama's "commitment to peace", but added: "The viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of Israel's existence.
"Those commitments relate to Israel not having to withdraw to the 1967 lines."
The leader said he expected Washington to let Israel keep major settlements beyond the 1967 lines in the occupied West Bank under any peace deal with the Palestinians.
Pressure is growing on the pair to answer the demands of the Palestinian people, after protests at Israel's borders this week in which at least 15 people were killed.
In his speech, Mr Obama expressed his frustration at the peace effort in the region and showed he is running out of patience and reasons to be subtle.
"The international community is tired of an endless process that never produces an outcome.
A Palestinian prepares to throw stones at Israeli forces
There have been clashes along the Israeli border in recent days
"At a time when the people of the Middle East and North Africa are casting off the burdens of the past, the drive for a lasting peace that ends the conflict and resolves all claims is more urgent than ever.
Palestinians, meanwhile, refuse to negotiate while Israel continues to expand Jewish enclaves in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, which the Palestinians want to be part of an eventual state.
Israel refuses to freeze settlement construction, saying the matter should be resolved through negotiations.
With talks at a standstill, the Palestinians are planning to take their bid for statehood to the United Nations in September, a step Mr Obama rejected in his speech.


  1. Great blog! Keep the posts coming, i enjoy reading them!

  2. obama will do all kind of crap now to win the elections one again

  3. Well we'll see where this takes us, no closer to the solution is my guess :/

  4. Hmm, this could lead to some interesting events occurring - good or bad ;>


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